President Obama Is Our Only Choice


Earl Ofari Hutchinson makes the case at the Huffington Post that President Obama has accomplished his task with skill, dignity and grace.

In 40-plus years of political observing, analysis, watching, and of course voting, I have never publicly endorsed a presidential candidate. I have zealously maintained the hard firewall that I believe should exist between being an objective political analyst and an impassioned voter. This presidential election I am tearing down that rigid firewall. I am publicly and unequivocally saying: President Obama is our only choice. I don't say this out of political partisanship, sentimentality, or blind racial loyalty. I say it for two compelling reasons: Obama's record and promise, and Romney's record and danger.

First, there's Romney record and the danger. His administration will not be Bush II as some fear. It will be more akin to Reagan II. He will govern from the right center. But it's the right part of it that's lethal. There's no guesswork about how lethal it will be. A senior Romney adviser ticked off what Romney will do as early as his day one in the White House. He will further bloat military spending, potentially ignite a tariff and trade war with China, give even more of the company store away to the environmental damaging fossil oil coal and gas industries, radically expand school choice that guts spending on public education, hack away the feeble, and haphazardly enforced bank and financial industry regulations, torpedo the Affordable Care Act, and shave taxes for corporations and the super-rich even more.

This can also be added to the senior Romney adviser's action list after his day one. With a freshly energized Tea Party, ultra-conservatives and Christian evangelicals providing strong headwind for Romney, he will wink and nod at the renewed assault on affirmative action, voting rights and equal opportunity employment laws, the mounting full-force attack on abortion and women's rights (including equal pay), and labor union protections.


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