President Obama and British PM Cameron. (Getty)

Reuters is reporting that President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron warned Libya's  Muammar Qaddafi on Wednesday that there would be no letup in pressure on him to go but said it will require a slow and steady campaign.

The two leaders, at a joint news conference, predicted that Qaddafi will ultimately leave power. Cameron did not deny the British military is considering using its attack helicopters against Libyan targets to increase the heat on Qaddafi.

"We will be looking at all the options for turning up that pressure," Cameron said when asked about the helicopters.

The two leaders met against a backdrop of a stalemate in the three-month conflict, with Qaddafi hanging on to power despite a NATO air campaign launched to protect civilians and attack Libyan government targets.

"I believe that we have built enough momentum that as long as we sustain the course that we are on that he is ultimately going to step down," Obama said.


That and the fact that all of that oil over there would definitely benefit both countries. We get it. Qaddafi is a tyrant and oppresses others, but that never stopped the U.S. or Great Britain from dealing with him before. Heck, the U.S. dollar is Libya's currency. Tough talk is cool, but real talk is preferred.

Read more at Yahoo News.

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