Pregnant Daughter and Boyfriend Charged in Death of Veteran Flight Attendant

Alyssa Barrett, 17, and her boyfriend Damarius Wren, 18. Both have been charged in the death of her mother, DeCarol Deloney-Cain.
Lake County Sheriff’s Office; Facebook via the New York Daily News

At first it appeared that a veteran United Airlines flight attendant died brutally at the hands of her daughter’s boyfriend, who was looking to grab some fast bucks, according to reports by various news outlets.

But now her pregnant teen daughter has been charged alongside her boyfriend in a grisly plot involving greed and revenge that left DeCarol Deloney-Cain dead. She was discovered on July 7 beaten, stabbed and stuffed in the trunk of her abandoned car near Gary, Ind., the New York Daily News reports, citing other news outlets and court documents.


Alyssa Barrett, 17, was arrested Wednesday and charged with murder in the killing, which reportedly took place in Deloney-Cain’s home July 3, police said, according to the News. The arrest came nearly two weeks after her boyfriend Damarius Wren, 18, was arrested and charged with murder in the death of the 27-year airline veteran.

At the time of Wren’s arrest, Alyssa told police that he planned to rob her mother in early July because it was when she received her paycheck, reports say. But Wren allegedly told police that he killed Alyssa’s mother because she wanted her daughter to abort their baby, according to the probable-cause affidavit, obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Court documents also show that the daughter had also “frequently talked of robbing and/or killing her mother,” according to the Sun-Times.

To carry out their plan, Wren allegedly covered the woman’s head with a pillowcase and smashed it against a basement staircase in her home in Crown Point, Ind., the News writes. She was then stabbed to death and her body was dumped in the trunk of her vehicle, which was abandoned. She was beaten so brutally that her body had to be identified by the serial number on her breast implant.


Both teens are being held without bail.

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