Predictably Florida: White Men Caught on Video Shouting Racial Slurs at Black Fisherman

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Proving once more that Florida is always going to Florida, a group of white men was caught on camera yelling racial and homophobic slurs at a Black man just trying to fish.


According to NBC Miami, Shannon Bustamante was invited to join a group of fishermen to record some content for his YouTube channel. The excursion starts off well enough—until a group of white men pulls up alongside their boat. Apparently, the men were mad that their boats got a little too close to each other. This transgression was enough of an excuse for them to start letting loose racial slurs.

You know how I know they’re racist? There are two non-Black people on the fishing boat, and yet they decide to start yelling racial slurs at the only Black guy, who was more or less just minding his business, trying to catch some mackerel while these men got in their feelings.

The man did call them out though, basically telling them to quit running their mouths and square up at the dock if they’re really about that action. The men drove off on their boat, christened with the most unseasoned name, “The Amanda V,” shortly after.

“What worried me and what made me feel bad is that it almost felt like he was getting accustomed to it. Like, hey, every time we come out here, it’s like this,” Bustamante told NBC Miami. “And in my mind, I was like, hell no, this is unacceptable.’”

Honestly, after the Twisted Tea Heard ‘Round the World, I’m somewhat surprised at the casualness with which white people are still willing to deploy racial slurs. Not only are you liable to catch one severe ass beating, the litany of cameras around these days means that as soon as that hard-R hits, your ass is on the internet.

As of now the identities of the men seen in the video are still unknown, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Amateur Detective-Twitter somehow manages to identify all three men seen on camera, their places of work, and perhaps even get to the bottom of why they chose such a generic-ass name for their boat.


I’d say I’d hate to see it, but I’ve never been much of a liar.


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