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Black & Decker
Black & Decker

There was a time when becoming a greener person was optional, but now its a necessity. As everyone strives to be even more eco-friendly, it would be great to have a gadget to monitor and assess how green you actually are. Black and Decker thought the same, when developing to Power Monitor ($99.99), a device that allows you instantly to evaluate how much energy is used in your home by the minute.


B&D isn't known for electronics, but the Power Monitor is more than useful and efficient in cutting down the amount of energy used in the home. The monitor is a two-piece unit, a transmitter that attaches to your electric meter, and the second, the actual display to be read inside your house. The idea is to observe how you use energy daily, finding what appliances you can unplug and what lights you can turn off. Resulting not only in extra cash in your pocket, (an average 20 percent drop in electric bills) but also more environmentally sound residence. And if not purchased for the financial or environmental reasons, haven't you always wanted to double check the accuracy of that unknown man that does your electric reading every month?

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