Wall of Remembrance Memorial (Getty)

Malcolm Gladwell, author and New Yorker contributor, says that he has little recollection of 9/11. He is among a number of the magazine's contributors who were asked to look back on how the day changed their work and their lives.

1. What were you thinking about, or working on, the day the attacks occurred?

I slept through the first attack, even though I was living only a mile or so away. But my downstairs neighbor woke me up in time for the second. I don't think I did much work that day.

2. Did 9/11 change your work plans?

I can't remember.

3. Are there places you've gone, or people you've met, that you wouldn't have if not for 9/11? Are you different than you might have been?


I would say that my life has been affected far more by the U.S. response to 9/11 than by 9/11 itself. It's like the rule with earthquakes. It's not the earthquake that's deadly. It's what happens after the earthquake.

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