#PoolPatrolPatty: White Apartment Manager Fired After Calling Police on Black Couple Because of Socks

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Apparently black people couldn’t catch a break during the 4th of July holiday when attempting to use the pool at various apartment complexes across the U.S. First there was Adam Bloom in Winston-Salem, N.C., who called the police on a black woman who he thought didn’t belong at a pool. But just a few states over, around the same time, another unseasoned person was trying to flex their pool privileges.


Kam Porter, a resident of the Riverset Apartments in Memphis, Tenn., thought she would spend a relaxing fourth at her pool, but that was interrupted when community manager Erica Walker didn’t appreciate the fact that Porter’s boyfriend was wearing socks. Gasp! How dare he wear socks!

In a video posted to Facebook, Porter confronts Walker over the rules that only seem to apply to black people at the pool, because there were several other people (all white) who were wearing various articles of clothing that were not “proper pool attire”.

“I think she’s calling the police because he has on socks,” Porter said.

“She’s walking off making a phone call to whoever she needs to call. I haven’t said anything crazy to her, but I did tell her I was not going to leave,” she continued.

“So, she basically said no hats, no shirts, no socks,” Porter said. “We have two men, who are her friends, sitting right here in hats. Two hats. We have a man over here sitting in a hat.”

When the officer (who was black) showed up, it seemed as though Walker didn’t have much to say:

Porter complained to the complex’s management company, and after an investigation, Trilogy Realestate Group said Walker acted inappropriately, according to WREG13.


“After assessing statements from Ms. Porter and determining that this former employee’s actions violate our company’s policies & beliefs, she is no longer employed by Riverset Apartments.”

Had Walker just sat her ass down and sun bathed, and worried about herself, she’d still have a job. In other news, oh well.

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