Polls Show Donald Trump Has Low Favorability Ratings Going Into His Presidency; He Calls Them Fake and Rigged on Twitter

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Orange Foolius Donald Trump is just days away from his Jan. 20 inauguration, and recent polls show that he has the lowest favorability rating of any incoming president in the last 40 years.


A new ABC News/Washington Post poll (pdf) shows that only 40 percent of Americans view Trump favorably and 54 percent view him unfavorably, and according to NPR, that’s the lowest favorability rating for any incoming president since Jimmy Carter in 1977. George W. Bush in 2001 was the next-lowest performer on this poll, and even his favorability was 16 points higher than Trump’s.

A CNN/ORC poll (pdf) gave similar results, with Trump having only a 44 percent favorability rating, and over 54 percent viewing him unfavorably.

Trump was displeased with the poll results and put his Twitter fingers to work Tuesday to condemn them.

“The same people who did the phony election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls. They are rigged just like before,” Trump wrote.

It’s interesting that Trump sees the poll results as fake and doesn’t care that he lost the popular vote. His Electoral College win is based on an antiquated system that many of us consider to be fake at this point.


As NPR notes, Trump’s seemingly uncontrollable urge to tweet every thought that pops into his tiny little hands head has not endeared him to Americans, either. A recent Quinnipiac poll found that two-thirds of American voters believe “Trump should close his personal Twitter account,” and within his own party, 49 percent of Republicans also believe the @therealdonaldtrump account should be shut down.

Trump should close his Twitter account. We already think he’s an idiot; he doesn’t have to go out of his way to prove it via his nonsensical tweets.


Read more at NPR.

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I enjoy your writing style, and usually the overall content, but sometimes I feel you write based purely on which story will garner the most outrage.

The fact is, the ENTIRE polling-industry had their shame was on display for all to see in the lead-up to the election. I know there are still a lot of angry folks out there, that still won’t/can’t/don’t accept the results.

But the entire “She won the popular vote” argument needs at least a little perspective. Hillary won California by a wide margin, double the number of votes she lead Donald by in the popular vote. So, in other words, the ENTIRE Popular Vote win came from one state, California. Without Cali in the mix Trump still wins the Electoral College and wins Popular Vote (by 800,000).
It therefore isn’t all that surprising why many in the Country want to discount the ability of one-State in the Union from being able to sway an election, simply because it has the most bodies... In fact the city of Los Angeles gave Hillary the entirety of her lead in the Popular Vote.
As much as many wish for a different result, I would propose if the election were reversed we would see these same people defending the vote totals. If Hillary would have won the Electoral College but lost the Popular Vote, let’s be 100% honest, who would be defending the Popular Vote ruling the election? Just sayin’.