Poll: Mormons and blacks still face prejudice: In a piece of news that's somewhat predictable but especially relevant in light of the upcoming presidential election, a sizable pockets of voters say they would be uncomfortable with a close family member marrying someone who is black or Mormon, with Mormons facing slightly more distrust from people outside their community.

John Terry racism trial — "not guilty" verdict is in: In the latest in soccer racism, John Terry was found not guilty last week of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. According to the Bleacher Report, the charge stemmed from some heated words during a match last October between Terry's Chelsea and Ferdinand's Queens Park Rangers: "The alleged language was extreme and shocking — over the past week, the phrase "f—-ing black c—-" found so much life online that it nearly became a meme — but, in the view of the presiding magistrate, ultimately unprovable."

The origins of the ex-slave's letter to master: The story behind the historic piece of correspondence that went viral.


Romney: Want free stuff? Vote for Obama: That's the presumptive GOP nominee's latest talking point.

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