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I pray that when my infant son is old enough to attend college, there are courses devoted to the historical lineage inside Colin Kaepernickā€™s Afro. In the history of Afros, Kaepernickā€™s falls somewhere between Angela Davis and all of the men from the grossly underrated family soul group the Sylvers.

On Tuesday, Kaepernick and his revolutionary hairā€”which has always been the greatest fuck-you to the manā€”went to Rikers Island jail in New York City for a surprise visit with inmates.

The former quarterback, who would be a current quarterback if it werenā€™t for the obvious whiteballing by the NFL, spoke to detainees inside the George Motchan Detention Center, according to an exclusive New York Daily News report.

White people who donā€™t believe in equality and justice for all have been annoyed by Kaepernickā€™s unapologetic blackness and have called his protest against the killings of unarmed black men, women and children by police un-American.

How dare the black man with the righteous Afro speak to black and brown men disproportionately incarcerated in a prison thatā€™s so corrupt that thereā€™s a push to shut the prison down permanently?


One thing Iā€™ve learned is that you never tell cops what they can and canā€™t be annoyed about, no matter how ridiculous, and you know it didnā€™t help that a free black man acted free in public. Somehow the police union interpreted Kaepernickā€™s speaking to prisoners as a direct act of violence.

ā€œThis will only encourage inmates to continue to attack correction officers at a time when we need more protection,ā€ Elias Husamudeen, president of the Correction Officersā€™ Benevolent Association, told the Daily News.

And what do they base this on? Cop socks. Thatā€™s rightā€”Kaepernick once wore socks during a 2016 practice with his former team, the San Francisco 49ers, that depicted cops as pigs.


ā€œOnce again, correction officers find themselves caught in Mayor de Blasioā€™s political con game,ā€ Husamudeen said. ā€œThis is yet another brazen display of the hypocrisy of this mayor who pretends to support us in public, yet does everything possible to jeopardize our security in private.ā€

I guess the union didnā€™t speak with Peter Thorne, the Correction Department spokesperson, who called Kaepernickā€™s visit inspiring.

ā€œColin Kaepernick visited Rikers today to share a message of hope and inspiration,ā€ Thorne told the Daily News.


As the NFL keeps trying to act as if it doesnā€™t have a vendetta against Kaepernickā€”the Philadelphia Eagles, who once signed a convicted dog murderer to become their quarterback, are the latest team to bypass Kaepernickā€™s talents after starter Carson Wentz was ruled out for the seasonā€”Kaepernick continues his fight to spread his message of love and hope as far and wide as his Afro.

ā€œThe world should see the hell that is Rikers Island,ā€ Glenn Martin, founder of JustLeadershipUSA, a group advocating for the closure of Rikers, told the Daily News. ā€œColinā€™s profile has helped shed light where it is needed. The fact that correction officers are more focused on his socks while people are getting their brains bashed in is despicable.ā€

He added, ā€œColin understands that the systemic racism heā€™s fighting nationally is epitomized on Rikers.ā€


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