A Muslim taxi driver was stabbed by a man reportedly angry about the building of a mosque near Ground Zero. Michael Enright, 21, of upstate New York, was charged with felony attempted murder as a hate crime — among other crimes — after the attack on Ahmed Sharif, 43, Tuesday night. Sharif picked up Enright, who began asking questions about his religion. Sharif answered, and Enright grew silent and angry. He then stated. "Al salaam aalaykum" — which means "Peace be upon you" in Arabic — and attacked Sharif, stabbing him multiple times with a knife from his multigadget Leatherman tool. Sharif was slashed in the throat, upper lip, arm and hand. Sharif believes the anti-Muslim sentiment about the mosque being built near Ground Zero caused the attack. Anti-Muslim rhetoric is getting real for Muslims in America.

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