Police Officer Fired for Trayvon Martin Targets


On Friday, Sgt. Ron King of Florida's Port Canaveral Police Department was fired for using shooting targets fashioned to look like Trayvon Martin, Skittles included, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

In a YouTube video posted late Saturday, King said he did not intend for the Trayvon target to be used for shooting. It was designed "to use a bad situation as a learning tool," he said.

Port Canaveral Interim Chief Executive Officer John Walsh apologized publicly to Trayvon's family Saturday and called King's behavior unacceptable, insensitive and unprofessional.

"Whether his [King's] act is one of hatred or stupidity, neither one is tolerable," Walsh said …

Benjamin Crump, an attorney representing Trayvon's parents, issued a statement condemning the target.

"Using a dead child's image as target practice is reprehensible," Crump said.

The Trayvon target, which features a bull's eye over his heart, a package of Skittles in his pocket and a beverage can in his right hand, is sold online.


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