Police Don't Believe Glass Found in Officer's Sandwich Was Intentional

Storefront of Columbus, Ohio, restaurant where police officer bit into sandwich with shards of glass in it

Investigators say they do not believe that glass found in a Columbus, Ohio, officer's sandwich was placed there intentionally, ABC6 reports. Police Officer Quoc Nguyen was rushed to the hospital Monday afternoon after cutting his mouth after biting into a sandwich that had glass shards in it, the news station notes.

Nguyen got the sandwich from an East Columbus restaurant called the Lincoln Cafe. He was kept overnight in the hospital, where he underwent several tests. But he is now said to be OK, investigators said.


When the officer bit into his sandwich, he felt a grisly texture and heard a crunching sound, authorities said. He looked into his sandwich and saw the glass, and when he checked his mouth, he saw that he was bleeding.

The restaurant was shut down as investigators conducted their interviews. However, on Tuesday, the Columbus Police Department tweeted that there was no reason to believe that the glass was put in the sandwich intentionally.

Columbus public health officials went to the café and inspected the food and also spoke to the individual who served Nguyen the sandwich. Inspectors did not find anything wrong with the food. However, authorities said that they did find plates with small chips on the rim, as well as four small pieces of broken glass under a drying rack.


No charges have been filed in the case.

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