Police Bought Dylann Roof Food From Burger King After He Was Arrested for Church Shooting

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Suspect Dylann Roof, 21, of Lexington, S.C., boards a plane at Shelby-Cleveland County Regional Airport in North Carolina on June 18 for extradition back to Charleston, S.C. 
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North Carolina police talked about what it was like capturing and arresting Dylann Roof, including how eerily calm and cooperative he was. And when Roof said that he was hungry, Shelby, N.C., police bought him food from a nearby Burger King, the Charlotte Observer reports. 

Roof reportedly confessed to police that he was the gunman responsible for the shooting spree last Wednesday at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., that claimed nine lives. 


Shortly after a North Carolina florist tipped police off to Roof’s whereabouts in Shelby, Roof’s car was surrounded by police offficers with their weapons drawn. Roof lowered his window and presented his driver’s license, saying, “I’m Dylann Roof,” police told the Observer. 

The FBI swooped in and took over Roof’s detainment shortly thereafter. However, Shelby police revealed that one of their exchanges with Roof was about food. Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford told the Observer that police officers got him food from the fast-food chain restaurant. 


“He was very quiet, very calm. He didn’t talk,” Ledford said. “He sat down here very quietly. He was not problematic.”

Roof also told Shelby authorities that he had been planning the church attack for some time because of Mother Emanuel’s significance to the African-American community in Charleston, a source told WBTV

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