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The white supremacist accused of killing a homeless man in Manhattan last year told investigators that he wanted to start a national dialogue about race mixing that would awaken white people and lead them to wipe black people off the face of the earth.


Apparently, no one informed him that he could have just gotten a job in the Trump Administration. I’m sure there was a Cabinet-level position open in the Department of Racism, or Deputy Secretary of Hate.

Proving my theory that one should always run in the opposite direction of any white man with a sword, James Jackson is accused of murdering 66-year-old Timothy Caughman on March 20, 2017, after spotting Caughman, who is black, rummaging through a pile of trash in New York City.


According to the New York Post, Jackson revealed his motives for the alleged murder in a taped confession. The video, played in a pretrial hearing on Tuesday, showed Jackson telling police his main goal in traveling to New York to commit the alleged killing was to get as much media exposure as possible so he could start a global white network and and “get the ball rolling. Shake people out of their slumber.

“I think we should just preserve the best people and get rid of all the dead weight,” the 30-year-old Army veteran said. “In my opinion, blacks are inferior people.”

“I think they need to be exterminated,” Jackson later told the cops. “It would be awesome if we could get the governments of the white countries together.”

Jackson said his intentions were to kill a black man with a white woman, but he was convinced to abandon his white dreams by the cowardice embedded in his Caucasian heart because, in technical terms, he was afraid of getting his ass kicked. Even after he chose Caughman, Jackson confessed to police that it was really difficult.


“I thought it would be a lot easier,” he said, referring to the difficulty of subduing his victim and plunging the sword into the man’s chest. “It was a lot harder...It was weird. I didn’t feel great. I didn’t feel horrible either. I thought it [the murder] would send me into a blood rage fury,” he said in the video confession.

After he threw the sword away, Jackson said he still had two knives and planned to kill more victims. On the confession tapes, Jackson said he stalked at least 15 people before deciding who he should kill. But as he roamed the city, he felt defeated after seeing so many interracial couples-by which one can only assume he means white women who wouldn’t have sex with a dude roaming around Times Square with a sword, blood on his shirt and the complete lack of jawline typical to many racists.


“It just seemed like I was seeing interracial couples everywhere. It was really demoralizing me,” Jackson said, whitely. “This is the new way and we can’t restore what we had 50 years ago.”

After wandering around the streets realizing that no one was going to rise up with him and unite the countries who like their meat rare and unseasoned, Jackson decided to turn himself into police.


Jackson has not been pardoned by President Donald Trump.


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