PJ and The Playlist Thursdays, Vol 1


I dont know why I never did this before. But better late than never they say. They say a lot of things. Anyway, because so many folks here at VSB are self-appointed music heads (myself being one of them) and have such vast and expansive musical tastes, I think I'm going to start doing a weekly playlist of sorts. It will include 10 songs that I've listened to (verifiable via Spotify, unverifiable on the iTunes side) during the week. In the comments recently we were talking about how much music some of us go through a week, year, etc. Well, the best way to put folks on game is to just share the wealth. I love new music so I will be more than happy to learn from the populace here at VSB.


With that being said, this isn't an out-music-one-another competition (though it absolutely will become that), just another way to make the VSB community a better place than every other one out there. Some of you may have 10 songs to share. Some may have 1. Some may just find new songs to love. Some people are made of plastic. Some people are made of wood. Some people have hearts of stone. And some people are up to no good. It's science, b.

Sharing is caring. The hope here is that some of you get to expand the living shit out of your music libraries and others get to learn of new artists to check for. And one interesting side effect is that I think you can learn a lot about people based on their musical tastes. I promise not to judge. Just like I ask that you not judge me when I list some of the stuff I'm listening to at the moment.  Makonnen has the club going up on a Tuesday, so we'll drop this on Thursdays. Happy hunting.

Here's the inaugural PJ's Playlist Thursdays. (Eventually I will just create a big ass playlist on Spotify of songs as well. Just not today. Also, Spotify definitely does not have everything. Brandy's Full Moon isn't on Spotify. HOW SWAY?)

Also, I included that picture to the left because it looks like an album cover. I think I will start upping personal pictures that make me think of music with this thang here. Or I may just put up ACTUAL album covers. Me no know.

1. Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp

2. Nina Simone - Four Women

3. Sarah Vaughan - And The Feelings Good

4. Mobb Deep - Trife Life

5. Que featuring Lizzle and Trey Songz - Too Much

6. Tasha Cobbs - For Your Glory

7. Woz - Early Morning Champagne (Adelaide Remix)

8. Andrew Bayer - Lose Sight

9. Sigur Ros - Saeglopur

10. Beyonce - XO

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i dont really have a mix, i've been listening to trey songs/tinashe/maybach music vol 1 this week.

BUT. that Bobby Schmurda song? Bobby B****? first time i played it, i fought myself, it went that hard.