#PickingUpTrashWhileBlack: Colorado Cops Draw Guns on Man Cleaning His Yard

Colorado police officer confronts black man picking up trash around his own house.
Colorado police officer confronts black man picking up trash around his own house.
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A black Colorado man was doing the suspicious work of cleaning his yard when he was confronted by police who wanted to know what the black man was doing on his own property.


According to the Daily Camera, on Friday, a Boulder police officer saw the man sitting on a patio in an area that had a “private property” sign. The observant police officer reportedly sprung into action asking the man if he had a right to be there.

The man told the officer that he lived and worked in the building and provided the office with school identification card, but the officer wasn’t convinced and called for back up. He also wanted how the black man was able to print an identification card so quickly.

Needing more police officers, because clearly the black man was a magician, the officer claimed that the man who had already given the officer his name and his identification wasn’t being compliant when he was asked to drop his trash grabber and his bucket, which also had trash that could have been thrown at the officers direction creating a distraction giving the black magician an opportunity to flee.

“I live here,” the man can be heard saying in the a video of the incident which was posted to social media. “I am picking up garbage from my (expletive) porch.”

An officer can be heard asking the man to “put the object down,” while the man replies “don’t (expletive) tell me what to do,” and says, “I have a right to be doing this,” The Daily Camera reports.

A person can be heard saying that eight cops eventually showed up to take down the black magician whose trash grabber could have been confused for a staff and his trash can could’ve been a magical shield, so some of the officers had their guns drawn. Which totally makes sense if you think about what a magical staff can do!

Police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh told the Daily Camera that they weren’t providing additional details but they did announce Monday that police are “launching an internal affairs investigation into the call and the response, which is expected to take 60 to 90 days,” which is totally above board considering that the police can absolutely be trusted to investigate the police.

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I have a constant problem with strange criminals showing up and doing unwanted yard work on my front lawn.  It’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to hire a full time good guy with a rake to keep them away!