Notting Hill's carnival was struck by violence. (Google)

Fresh from our "You've gotta be kidding" file, a young man was captured on camera, stabbing another attendee at a Caribbean carnival being held in London. The knife attack was caught by a photographer at the festival, which was taking place in Notting Hill.

A young, black male dressed in a blue sweatshirt and holding a 6-inch hunting blade was photographed running from the scene as his victim stood dazed and bloody.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested, but it wasn't clear if the boy was the stabber.

Seriously? Isn't Carnival supposed to be the most fun experience of someone's life? Bringing a knife and stabbing someone is unacceptable. It's clowns like this that mess it up for everyone. London is already on edge from the flash-mob drama, and now this? Black folks don't stand a chance with knuckleheads like this making us look bad.

Read more at News One.

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