Pharrell Williams to Open Youth Center

Pharrell Williams is opening a youth center in Virginia. (Getty)

EURweb is reporting that musician Pharrell Williams is opening a youth center in his native Virginia to provide youngsters with an outlet for their creativity. Williams has recruited renowned architect Chad Oppenheim to create a modern tree house-style space in Virginia Beach that will provide an escape for local kids while nurturing their artistic talents.

Williams, who credits teachers for not letting him go until he realized his potential, wants to do the same for young people in his home state. 


"Children need guidance and creative discipline and someone to be there when they fall. They also need a safe haven. At the moment, arts organizations across the U.S. are having their funding cut, and we can't let that happen. There's so little regard for creative skills. Where would we be without design?"

Williams hopes eventually to take this project nationwide if the Virginia launch is a success. The eco-friendly facility is expected to open in 2012.

Who says that celebrities don't do anything for society? Williams' latest contribution speaks volumes about his ability to reflect and give back to those who gave something to him. While every level of government is cutting arts programs, Williams has created an opportunity out of what many would see as a deficit too strong to overcome. Kudos to Williams for doing his part to keep art and design as a possibility for children, while creating a "safe haven" in the process.

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