Pharrell Announces the Triumphant Return of OTHERtone—But This Time Around It's a Podcast

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Throughout the course of his decades-long career, Pharrell Williams has prided himself on breaking boundaries and deviating from the norm. Be it fashion, music, or his entrepreneurial pursuits, the Virginia Beach native lives to color outside the lines while disrupting the status quo. And now, with the imminent launch of his new podcast, OTHERtone, the 47-year-old savant will once again be breaking new ground as he explores the minds of other cultural unicorns.


Produced by OTHERtoneMedia and Gilded Audio Creative, OTHERtone has lined up an impressive list of guests that include actress Zendaya, journalist Malcolm Gladwell, computer scientist Tristan Harris, comedian Eric Andre and others as the show floats between the worlds of music, tech, business, art, fashion and more. In addition to Williams’ contributions, OTHERtone will also be co-hosted by former Star Trak recording artist Fam-Lay and music curator Scott Vener of HBO’s Ballers fame.

“We’re excited to use OTHERtone as a platform to share inspiration with people at a time when inspiration is scant,” Williams said in a statement. “We want people to be inspired by the people who inspire us.”

“We’re looking forward to curating subjects and people in a way that lets the audience be a fly on the wall listening to conversations between artists that most people don’t get to hear.”

Previously, OTHERtone was a radio show on Apple’s Beats 1, but with podcasting continuing to explode as a industry, it appears that Williams has found yet another medium to explore and expand upon his artistry.

As a big fan of all things Pharrell for as far back as I can remember, I look forward to listening to this show. You can check out a trailer of the Grammy-nominated producer’s podcast here and be on the lookout for OTHERtone when it drops on Dec. 7.

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