People Keep Vandalizing Michael Bloomberg's Campaign Offices and the Blame Is Being Pinned on Bernie Sanders

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Somebody doesn’t like Michael Bloomberg.

Actually, no. That would imply that it’s just a single person.

Many people don’t like Michael Bloomberg. Throughout the country, actually.

There’s Salt Lake City, Utah, and Knoxville, Tenn.:


And don’t forget Ann Arbor and Flint, Mich.:

Basically, his campaign offices keep being mistaken for piñatas. But who would do such a thing?

On Monday, after another campaign office in Chicago was adorned with a less than favorable Yelp review—it was vandalized and defaced with “oligarch,” which is Wakandan for “asshole”—Bloomberg’s team issued a press release not only inviting the smoke, but pinning the blame on Bernie Bros.

“Yet again, one of our campaign offices has been vandalized with derogatory language—using the word ‘oligarch’—in an act of hate. We cannot, and will not, tolerate these acts,” campaign manager Kevin Sheekey said. “While we do not know who is directly responsible, we do know Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign have repeatedly invoked this language, and the word ‘oligarch’ specifically when discussing Mike Bloomberg and his campaign.”

He continued, “Sen. Sanders’ refusal to denounce these illegal acts is a sign of his inability to lead, and his willingness to condone and promote Trump-like rhetoric has no place in our politics. Fortunately, no one has been injured. But this needs to end before someone gets hurt. No one should have to live in fear of coming to work, and Sen. Sanders must call on his supporters— including his campaign staff—to elevate the discourse in this campaign and end their spread of hateful rhetoric.”


So basically Bloomberg’s team is accusing Uncle Bernie of some new twist on stop and frisk?

They also provided a timeline and detailed receipts of their campaign offices being vandalized:

  • Their Toledo, Ohio, office was vandalized with the word “oligarch” on Feb. 13
  • Their Ann Arbor, Mich., office was vandalized with writing on the windows saying “Corporate Pig” on Feb. 13
  • Their Youngstown, Ohio, office was vandalized and defaced with the word “oligarch” on Feb. 14
  • Their Flint, Mich., office was defaced with a sign saying “Eat the Rich” on Feb. 16
  • Their Knoxville, Tenn., office was vandalized with the word “oligarch” on Feb. 21
  • Their Salt Lake City, Utah, office windows were smashed on Feb. 22

Clearly, the Devil—I mean, Bernie Sanders—is busy.

People are also taking Bloomberg to task for missing a golden opportunity to address Flint’s water crisis.


Bernie’s campaign has yet to respond to these accusations, but hopefully, it’s something along the lines of this:

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Not a fan of Bloomberg but 50 Stents’ cult wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t get under his skin. Words of advice to the Bros and ol Rape Essay, don’t piss off a guy that can buy ad time with pocket change. Bernie has never been vetted and now the gloves are off. Funny how people that couldn’t give a shit about black folks before are all of a sudden worried about Stop and Frisk.