Each year, Newsweek pays homage to those who we have lost in the past year. Buzz would like to echo our partners at Newsweek and take some time out to remember some of our memorable friends lost this past year. As we enter the New Year, we would like to remember Bo Diddley (Dec. 30, 1928 - Jun. 2, 2008), Stephanie Tubb Jones (Sept. 10, 1949 - Aug. 20, 2008),  Isaac Hayes (Aug. 20, 1942 - Aug. 10, 2008), and Bernie Mac (Oct. 5, 1957 - Aug. 9, 2008). These giants of political and social arenas who made life better with their music, laughter, and public service. To those mentioned, and all of those not mentioned, Buzz would like to say "Thank you."