Paul Manafort’s Hair Color Has Become the New Ray J Hat. Oh, and He Had Some Chest Pain or Something

Photo: Mandel Ngan (Getty Images)

Sometime last week, President Trump’s former campaign chair was treated for a “cardiac event,” which could be anything from acid reflux to something more serious. And while Manafort’s health is a concern, his changing hair color is all I care about.

Did you know that Manafort was using “Just for White Men”?

Apparently Manafort had been using Paul Mitchell’s “Monkey Shit No. 7” or “Shoe Shine No. 4” because recent photos of Manafort show him with a full head of ghostly white hair.


How white is his hair?

His hair is so white it just caught a cab in front of me.

His hair is so white it just got a mailer for a home loan at 1.3 percent fixed APR.

His hair is so white that it’s wearing shorts and Sperrys today in New York.


Seriously, this is what Manafort looked like before starting his more than seven-year sentence behind bars.

Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images)

And then he looked like this:

Photo: Alexandria Sheriff’s Office (Getty Images)

And now he looks like this:

Photo: Yana Paskova (Getty Images)

His ever-changing hair color has become Ray J’s hat.


According to ABC News, Manafort, who was convicted of lying during former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, suffered some kind of cardiac event, which may or may not have turned his hair white.

How white is Manafort’s hair?

His hair is so white that’s it currently hanging out in front of his condo waiting to call the police on a black person.


His hair is so white that it just asked a McDonald’s employee the fat content of a Quarter Pounder.

His hair is so white that it’s outside hanging Christmas lights...on the roof!

I’m here all day, people.

All. Day.

For those that care about Manafort’s health, ABC News notes that the 70-year-old longtime GOP strategist is stable and could be released back to federal correctional institute in central Pennsylvania, where he’s serving his sentence.


It hasn’t been all bad news for Manafort; according to the Washington Post, “a judge in Manhattan dismissed Paul Manafort’s residential mortgage fraud case Wednesday, deciding the local charges against President Trump’s former campaign chairman amounted to a double-jeopardy violation.”

But have you seen his hair, tho?

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