David Paterson remains steadfast despite the resignation of two top law enforcement officials in the wake of the growing domestic abuse scandal

Just hours after Paterson told reporters Tuesday that he wouldn't resign because of his intervention in the domestic violence case involving a key aide, State Police Superintendent Harry Corbitt abruptly announced he would retire effective Wednesday. Last week, Deputy Secretary for Public Safety Denise O'Donnell quit after criticizing contact that Paterson, his staff and the state police had with the woman at the center of the domestic assault.

Whether Paterson or members of his administration face criminal charges will depend on exactly what they said during phone conversations with the woman, a former prosecutor said.

The embattled Paterson said Tuesday he'll soon give his side of the scandal that continues to chip away at his administration. Amid support from lawmakers and some calls for him to resign, the governor would only say he wouldn't be stepping down.



Is it just The Buzz or should Paterson step down? An editorial in The New York Times seems to think it would be a good idea (thought it should be noted that Andrew Cuomo is their boy). It seems at this point his ability to execute his job has been compromised greatly. Thoughts?