Bristol Palin and DWTS partner Mark Ballas

Jezebel is telling it like it is regarding the miraculous presence of what one could term a "dance-challenged" Bristol Palin in the top three of Dancing With the Stars. It has been alleged that the Tea Party's "Operation Bristol" is keeping the teen mom in the competition. However, the real conspiracy is that her conservative supporters have figured out a way to exploit's e-mail-voting feature, allowing infinite votes. While Bristol Palin denies any Tea Party conspiracy theories, there's no denying that conservatives have been pushing for votes for Bristol, using blogs and Twitter to start a movement. But what isn't widely known is the evidence β€” via message-board comments on some conservative sites β€” that this mobilization involves fixing this (albeit meaningless) election through a technical snafu on ABC's website. Check out evidence from a blog below:

"Here's a hint: They don't have to be VALID email addresses to register them with, there is apparently no validation process. They just have to be formatted like a valid email address, and you must use a valid zip code and a birthdate that makes you old enough to vote. I'm voting like a democrat, all night long … "

Is it that serious? Is a win for Bristol Palin really a win for freedom? This drama just goes to show that there is a fine line between winners and losers.

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