Donald Thomas
WHP-TV screenshot

A Pennsylvania mom is outraged after, she says, a teacher put a bar of soap in her son's mouth as punishment, WHP-TV reports.

"I was very upset, hurt, confused. I just didn't understand why this even had to happen," Ciara White said.

White said that her 10-year-old son, Donald Thomas, got into an argument with another student at the Camp Curtin School in Harrisburg, Pa., while the teacher was out. When the teacher returned and learned about the argument, she allegedly punished Donald by scrubbing his tongue with soap.

"She told me to go by the sink and she got a bar of soap and she started rubbing it on my tongue," Donald said.

"So many questions; first of all, why would a teacher do that?" said Donald's mom. "What kind of soap? I mean I just don't understand why a teacher would do that."


White said she contacted the police, saying she viewed the incident as assault. Harrisburg police took a report and then referred it back to the school. However, according to CBS News, Police Capt. Gabriel Olivera said that the teacher's alleged actions did not amount to a crime.

White disagrees.

"It's definitely assault, maybe even poisoning. Soap doesn't belong in someone's mouth," the outraged mother said.


White said she isn't sure whether she'll send her son back to Camp Curtin.

"I want him to go to school, learn, be productive and behave and come home, and I don't know if that is possible right now," she said.

Donald said he wants to return to school but does not want to see the teacher again, according to the station.


"I do want to go back to the school, if she doesn't work there anymore. I just don't wanna stay in that class," the child said.

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