"Occupy" protesters march to Washington, D.C. (Google)

CBS is reporting that members of the Occupy Wall Street movement are heading to the nation's capital. A group from the encampment in New York City's Zuccotti Park are embarking on a two-week walk to Washington, D.C. They left at noon today and will arrive by Nov. 23, the day of the deadline for the congressional "super committee" to come up with its deficit-reduction plan.

"We are going to be marching for two weeks down to Washington, D.C., to meet up with the occupation down there at McPherson Square," said Michael Glazer, one of the organizers.

Glazer says that supporters have volunteered their homes along the way and marchers will stay in occupying camps in Philadelphia and Baltimore. The 240-mile march, which will go through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, has been dubbed "Occupy the Highway."

Say what you will, but the "Occupy Everything" movement is still chugging along. While folks critique the protesters for lacking a "common goal or leader," the reach of their network is uncommon. Who says that governing by collective consensus won't work? Some may not understand how the "Occupy" movement is "working," but it is indeed working.

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