Other States Are Leading America in the Number of COVID-19 Cases. Florida: Hold My Beer!

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Florida doesn’t just lead American in inventiveness, like the 450-pound Florida man who hid coke and pot under his own fat folds, or the Florida man who hid $400 in his rectum. Florida just couldn’t stand that other states were leading America in the number of COVID-19 cases, so Florida does what Florida always does: It got busy losing.


Florida is now the global epicenter in the latest coronavirus surge and it has its governor, Ron DeSantis, a real-life version of Gomer Pyle except not as bright, to blame. DeSantis is a Trump lackey. He hangs from the president’s fat tie just waiting to show him how much of a team player he is. As coronavirus was running through America like a timed NASCAR lap, DeSantis was one of the last states to issue a stay-at-home order and one of the first to reopen.

Trump praised Gomer DeSantis for not allowing fear to prevent him from reopening his state and its beaches. And on Wednesday, Florida reported nearly 10,000 new cases, the Hill reports.

“There are nearly 220,500 positive cases statewide, and the test positivity rate has been above 14 percent for more than a week,” according to the Hill.

“Adding to the trouble, hospitals across the state are running out of beds in the intensive care units, although state officials say there is still plenty of capacity and hospitals have the ability to add surge beds.”

Because DeSantis is what happens when you allow a state like Florida, which leads the world in women claiming to be from imaginary nations and therefore allowed “diplomatic immunity” from traffic laws, to hold elections, DeSantis refuses to “release data on daily hospitalizations, despite pledging to do so,” making Florida another leader as the only state that doesn’t publicly release that information, the Hill reports.

The Hill notes that while Florida isn’t the only state to see an uptick in its coronavirus numbers, the state has had one of the worst outbreaks the country has seen since COVID-19 came through and crushed the buildings.


DeSantis, surely taking his cues from the president, continues to downplay both the seriousness of the virus and the impact the outbreak is having on his state, noting that many of the new cases are young people who have the ability to overcome the illness.

“There’s no need to be fearful,” DeSantis said Monday, according to the Hill.

“Young people don’t live in a bubble,” Richard Oberhelman, associate dean for global health at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans told the Hill.


“They have interactions with their parents, they have interactions with work colleagues, and so there are opportunities for spread. And we know that there’s a lot of a more asymptomatic transmission than we appreciate,” Oberhelman said.



It’s not just that they are gaslighting us, it’s that there are also large numbers of people who believe them!