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On Correctly Handling Your Credit And Taxes

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From running up debt in college, handling student loan payments, to even paying the cell phone bill on time, maintaining good credit can be a minefield for singles. The typical scenario is that you will get excited about a potential big purchase, house, car, etc., sit down with the banker and then find out the news that your credit is not in the best shape and that you will not be able to make the purchase at this time.


How to prevent the shock at the bank?

1.) Protect your credit like it is precious because it is. Yes, you can repair your credit if you have had mistakes in the past, but it will take time and in the interim you will miss out on low interest rates, special offers and even the opportunity to purchase a home.


2.) If there are credit mistakes you would like to put behind you start working on that now. Don’t wait until you want or need to use your credit, take control of it now. Get a copy of your credit report and go through it line by line and anything that needs to be repaired, start the process now.

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