Beyonce carries daughter Blue Ivy in Paris (YouTube)

MyBrownBaby's Denene Millner chastises those who have criticized the curls of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 1-year-old.

Four MyBrownBaby words about Blue Ivy's hair: Leave. That. Baby. Alone …

As if we didn't just finish having this same stupid conversation about letting black girl hair be after folk tore Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas a new one for having a less-than-perfect coif while she was busy performing the historic gym routine that made her an official American hero.

A few examples of the tomfoolery that invaded Twitter timelines across the land:

"Blue Ivy would be so cute if they just combed her hair."

"When will she do Blue Ivy's hair?"

"I think Blue Ivy is so cute … they just need to do her hair. All that money but that baby looking like she popped out ShaNaeNae pum not Beys."

Seriously, people? Seriously?

Read Denene Millner's entire piece at MyBrownBaby.

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