Omar Thornton: 'I Killed the Five Racists That Was There Bothering Me'

Fresh from our "Please don't let 'em be black" file: The man who killed eight people and then himself at a Connecticut brewery reportedly spoke with his mother before taking his life. His mother says that he told her about shooting the people who had harassed him at the job. "He said, 'I killed the five racists that was there bothering me,' " said Will Holliday, Thornton's uncle. "He said, 'That's it. The cops are going to come in, so I'm going to take care of it myself.' " Thornton's mother pleaded with him for 10 minutes not to take his life. She says the company's unwillingness to stop people from racially harassing him drove him over the edge. She can blame the company for what he did. We'll blame Thornton.

Read more at CBS News.

—Nsenga K. Burton


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