Olympians From Cameroon Go Missing

The Guardian
The Guardian

Olympians from Cameroon go missing: Seven athletes from Cameroon's delegation to the London Olympics have gone missing, ABC reports. The missing athletes include five male boxers, a female footballer and a male swimmer, Paul Ekane Edingue, said David Ojong, Cameroon's head of the mission to London 2012. Ojong said they haven't been seen since Monday.


X-Men's Storm and Black Panther split up: It's not real life, but it's dramatic news nonetheless for fans of the African-American comic book characters. "Marvel's first black married couple, Storm and Black Panther (aka T'Challa), have been enjoying wedded bliss ever since they tied the knot in one of the comic world's most-talked-about weddings in 2006. But it seems their love has come to an end as the couple's marriage was recently annulled in the latest issue of 'Avengers vs. X-Men,' " Rolling Out explains.

Gabby Douglas' mom: "Are you trying to ruin her self-confidence?": "We laughed about it. We made a huge joke out of it, and I was quick to try to diffuse that situation. Because I thought, 'How ignorant is it of people to comment on her hair and she still has more competitions to go?' Are you trying to ruin her self-confidence? She has to go out there and feel good about herself, and if she feels good about herself on that floor, who are you to criticize her? What have you done to help contribute to her dream, that you felt it necessary to put it out there so that she could see it?" she told Fashonista when asked about reported criticism of her gymnast daughter's hair.

Women get stopped and frisked, too: The New York Times reports that the nearly 700,000 stop and frisks conducted by the NYPD last year targeted men of color overwhelmingly, but not exclusively. A total of 46,784 of those stopped were women, and and 16,000 were frisked.