Olive Garden Donates Money to Comedian's Charity After Waitress Refuses to Serve Him Because He's Black

Ricky Smith

What's a black man to do when he can't even get endless breadsticks and salad because a waitress refuses to serve him? Comedian Ricky Smith took those complaints to social media, and the world and Olive Garden listened.

Smith said Tuesday that he tried to have a meal at an Olive Garden in Ohio, but the waitress refused to take his order because she doesn't like serving blacks. And when he requested a new server, he was asked to leave the restaurant.


“Honestly am at a lost for words. Not leaving until the cops come and physically remove us,” Smith tweeted.

An unidentified employee at the restaurant called the police and stated that Smith was sexually harassing people and attempted to buy a minor a drink. Smith denied the accusations.

According to TMZ, Smith received not only an apology but also a $5,000 donation to his organization, Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere. Smith also received a $1,000 gift card.


According to Olive Garden, the employees in question were placed on leave, and Smith urged them not to be fired.

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