Old White Men Beef: Trump to Koch Brothers: I Made Them Richer ... I Don't Need Their Money or Bad Ideas

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President Trump is falling out of favor of Republicans who don’t believe that camouflage is a formal attire. After learning that the villainous Koch brothers held a “retreat” (which was really a secret gathering in a lair) in Colorado Springs, Colo., in which the heavy hitting conservative donors bagged portions of Trump’s presidency, Trump railed on Twitter because that’s what teens do these days.


According to CNBC, Trump’s attack on the billionaire brothers who heavily influence who gets the GOP nod “comes after a Koch-linked group unveiled a six-figure ad buy to fight the president’s tariffs.”

CNBC notes that the Koch Bros. (no relation to Bernie Bros) did not endorse Trump’s presidential bid in 2016 and their network has been critical of Trump’s wayward presidency “including a $1.3 trillion spending bill the president signed earlier this year.”

The belief is that the Koch Bros. are concerned that Trump tyrannical reign may lead to a full on trade war.


The funny part of this real billionaires versus fake billionaire beef (think Floyd Mayweather versus 50 Cent but with old white men) is that the GOP ran out here arguing how Trump’s tax cuts were going to benefit everyone, yet as soon as the beef heated up, Trump admitted that his tax cuts helped make the Koch Bros. richer.

CNBC notes that the Koch Bros. don’t know what the fuck a Twitter is or how to respond to someone on social media because they aren’t out here engaging in Twitter beefs, but a spokesman for the Koch network noted that they’re about improving the lives of all people.


“We support policies that help all people improve their lives. We look forward to working with anyone to do so,” said James Davis, a spokesman for the group told CNBC.

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