OK, Which One of Y’all Black Women Is Out Here Letting Rachel Dolezal Do Your Hair?

Since her name came into the national spotlight, we have all known one thing for sure about Rachel Dolezal: She really, deeply, in her heart of hearts wants to be a black woman.


She has gone to great lengths to prove her “blackness” over and over again, all to no avail. No one takes her seriously, and we are all just like, “Go away, Rachel,” every time she comes up with a new stunt.

At least, I thought we were all not taking her seriously. That may not necessarily be the case.

I just learned that Dolezal is currently doing the most black-lady thing ever: styling hair in her kitchen.

And if that was not shocker enough, dig this: There are black women allowing her to do their hair.

I know, I know. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen pictorial evidence of the fact.

First of all, your girl has a beauty chair set up in her kitchen.


And then, like every chick who does hair and posts about it on Instagram, Dolezal has a gallery of images showing off her work.

Check out these blue locs. They don’t look half bad.


Also, note the baby in the high chair in the background in that picture. You know Dolezal did that for authenticity.

Dolelzal took her business to the next level and got cards made that offer repeat clients a free hairstyle. She does braids, dreads, twists, weaves and crochet hairstyles, according to the hashtags.


And in case it wasn’t clear the first time I said it, there are black women allowing Dolezal to do their hair.


Like, not only are these black women letting Rachel Dolezal braid and style their hair, but they are also allowing her to take their pictures and feature them on her Instagram account advertising her hair services.


It all just made me wonder: Who are these black women that are letting Rachel Dolezal do their hair?

Do they put sugar in their grits?

Do they pronounce the “l” in salmon?

Do they say “ath-a-letes”?

Are they tender-headed?

Is Dolezal careful with her tender-headed clients?

Does Dolezal know what “tender-headed” means?

Does she know to have her clients put their finger on the base of the braid when she’s working around their edges so that their hair doesn’t get pulled out?


There are so many questions.

And then, as if by some Christmas miracle, one answer presented itself on Twitter. Thank you to my co-worker Danielle Young for finding this.


This woman got her hair done by Dolezal, was very satisfied and now they are friends.


Go figure.

Her work looks decent. I could go as far as to say some of it looks really good.


But it will be a cold day in hell before I let Rachel Dolezal put her hands in my hair.

Your mileage may vary.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.



She may actually be the closest thing to a qualified hairdresser here. Spokane is REAL white.