Octavia Spencer Donates Respirators to Hospitals in Alabama and New York

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Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Octavia Spencer is doing her part to make sure lives are being saved amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The Oscar-winning actress is reportedly donating respiratory monitors to hospitals in her home state of Alabama and the epicenter of the illness, New York.


“Seeing what is happening in the communities that I love, I have teamed up with @Mikucare to donate monitors to nursing and medical facilities in Alabama and New York to provide much-needed relief to nurses as they navigate care for COVID-19 patients,” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday in the caption of a photo of a medical worker.

Elsewhere in her post, Spencer discussed some of the best aspects of the Miku machine, such as its ability to “indicate potential onset [illness] before other symptoms present.”

“Miku’s two-way talk and video functionality also provides patients and medical personnel a method to communicate safely and effectively with those who have contracted the highly contagious virus,” she continued, before urging her fans and followers to stay safe.

New York is the epicenter of the illness, with nearly 300,000 cases and more than 17,600 deaths. According to the website for NYC Health, over 150,000 citizens contracted COVID-19 in New York City alone. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made it a requirement for masks to be worn in public places in the state where social distancing is not possible, such as grocery stores and sidewalks.

Kudos to Ms. Spencer for the incredibly generous gesture.

Pronounced "Jay-nuh."



Hat’s off to Ms. Spencer for this. It’s good to see a fellow citizen do something nice (looking at you Charles Barkley and Diana Ross).

Now let’s hope some of the supplies get to every county in the state. I hate to say this, but in kind gestures like this, western and central Alabama, which has the largest concentration of African-American citizens, always get left out of the whole thing.  We’re lucky to get crumbs.