The Obamas arrive in Martha's Vineyard in 2010. (Vincent DeWitt/Getty Images)

Some longtime vacationers on Martha's Vineyard are complaining that the raised al-Qaida threat could mean increased security and traffic jams when the Obamas arrive on the island this weekend, the Daily News reports.

The first family arrives this Saturday and in order to protect the President, Secret Service is proposing shutting down a main road that leads to the home where the family will stay from August 10-18, according to the Martha's Vineyard Gazette. 

Apart from residents who live on the road and emergency personnel, drivers will be diverted to a dirt road.

Local leaders are calling the diversion "very disruptive" and a "terrible mistake."

Selectman Warren Doty said the island has been happy to welcome the first family in the past, but this proposal marks a drastic change.

For their three previous Vineyard vacations, the Obamas stayed at Blue Heron Farm — a property that is located in a secluded area.

That expansive home has since been sold and now the Obamas will stay at the $7.6 million home belonging to Chicago financier David Schulte. 


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