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Andre Showell writes at BET that the president has been more opinionated and forceful than ever in recent remarks.

It's perhaps one of the most overused words ever to enter the American English vernacular: swagger. And more times than not, the word is used inappropriately. But if you had the chance to see President Obama's first post-election White House news conference, you were seeing the word "swagger" exemplified.

It had very little to do with the way he walked or talked or his style of dress. The president's swag during his first second-term presser was a testament to what appears to be a new attitude. He seemed to shrug off his excessively polite, methodical, careful demeanor for a more opinionated, forceful and at times abrupt manner.

No example showed off the president's swag more than his approach to one question about whether he would deter from nominating U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to the Secretary of State post amid Republican threats to block her nomination because of her handling of the recent attacks in Benghazi.

Read Andre Showell's entire piece at BET News.

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