The economy is, prehaps, the most pressing issue facing President-elect Obama. The team that he builds will be crucial to his success as a president and our climbing out of this hole, as a country. In a press conference today, Obama and VP-elect, Joe Biden, announced the people whom they've trusted to serve as their core advisers. Former New York Feredal Reserve President, Tim Geithner, will serve as the treasury secretary. The Obama camp has chosen former treasury secretary, Larry Summers, as the chief of the National Economic Council. Professor of Economics at UC Berkely, Christina Romer, will chair the President's Council of Economic Advisers. And as the chair of the Domestic Policy Council, the Obama team has chosen Melody Barnes. Obama's tentative economic plan calls for a revamping of the country's infrastructure, funding alternative energy, and modernizing school buildings. These are the latest additions to Obama's core players in the new administration.