ABC News reports that in the face of Mubarak supporters' attacks on protesters in Cairo, the Obama administration is worried that President Hosni Mubarak won't begin the transfer of power quickly enough. If he doesn't, the administration fears the crisis will "turn even uglier."

One official described the administration's public stance on the issue as having had to change "every 12 hours" because events in Cairo have developed so rapidly.

According to ABC, on Tuesday night President Obama said that the process needed to begin "now." Today White House press secretary Robert Gibbs elaborated that "now means yesterday."


How does Obama feel about what might happen if Mubarak doesn't move fast enough? He's "very concerned."  Watching what's going on in Cairo right now, we're going to have to call that the understatement of the week. How about "scared to death"?

Read more at ABC News.

In other news: Health Care Repeal Fails in the Senate.

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