Obama Talks Iran Deal, Jokes About Jon Stewart Leaving in Daily Show Appearance

President Barack Obama speaks with Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, during a taping of the show in New York City July 21, 2015.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

President Barack Obama sat down with Jon Stewart Tuesday for one of the final tapings of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart featuring the iconic comedian at the helm. 

With Stewart, Obama talked up several of his most recent accomplishments, including the Iran deal, poking fun at supporters of former Vice President Dick Cheney who thought that "if you had brought Cheney to the negotiations, everything would be fine."


"We have taken off the table what would be a catastrophic problem if they got a weapon," Obama said in the interview, which is set to air Tuesday night. 

Obama, anticipating the end of his presidency, and now in his final stretch with just over a year left, also took pleasure in his other accomplishments on issues such as health care.

"A lot of the work that we did early starts bearing fruit late," Obama noted before joking that one gets better with experience.

Obama also joked with Stewart, who is set to hand over the show to Trevor Noah in the next few weeks, saying that he can't believe the comedian is leaving before his presidency is over.


"I can't believe you're leaving before me. I'm going to issue an executive order," the president quipped.

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