Scott Olson/Getty Images

Health care continues to be a hot-button issue during the 2012 election, and President Barack Obama tackled the subject during a rally in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Earlier that day, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and his mother, Betty, stumped to seniors in a Florida retirement community, where Ryan said that he and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney wouldn't cut health care for the elderly because of his own family experiences in caring for his grandmother. This statement flies in the face of the controversial budget proposed by Ryan, reports NBC News.

Obama blasted Republicans for wanting to turn Medicare into a voucher system.

"Meanwhile Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan want to give seniors a voucher to buy insurance on their own," the president said, citing an analysis that found the plan could cost seniors $6,400 extra each year.

"How many people think that's a good deal?  That doesn't strengthen Medicare, it undoes the very guarantee of Medicare," he said.  "But that's the core of the plan written by Congressman Ryan and endorsed by Gov. Romney."

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