Obama Spent $97,000,000 on Vacations in 8 Years. Here’s How Much Trump Spent in 10 Weeks

Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images
Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

Can we all just agree that the president is an orange-skinned snake oil salesman who conned those who voted for him into believing that he wasn’t? Can we also just agree that Russia has a basement apartment in the White House and writes “Mother Russia” on the milk and cereal so that President Asshat doesn’t touch its stuff? Can we also agree that y’all’s president is a lazy thot?


He’s been in office less than three months and he can’t stop vacationing; in fact, according to The Independent, President TrumPutin spent some $24 million vacationing in his first 10 weeks, which is about as much as President Barack Obama spent in two years.

That’s because President Asshat is on a two-week-on, one-week-off work schedule. Since taking office, Trump has spent seven weekends at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida vacation home, and it’s believed that each trip, which includes an extensive security detail, costs taxpayers around $3 million.

To put that in perspective, Obama averaged around $12.1 million a year during his presidency, or about $97 million during his two terms. If President TrumPutin keeps vacationing at this rate, he will surpass Obama’s eight-year total in a mere 10 months. But kids don’t need the Public Broadcasting Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency is being cut off at the knees. You would think, with this much vacationing, he’d at least have a decent tan.

And let’s not forget that before TrumPutin became president, he was super critical of Obama’s golfing.

“Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the US, President Obama spent the day playing golf. Worse than Carter,” he tweeted in October 2014.

During a campaign rally last year, TrumPutin took another vacation-style golf swing at Obama.


He said: “You know what—and I love golf—but if I were in the White House, I don’t think I’d ever see Turnberry again, I don’t think I’d ever see Doral again. I own Doral in Miami; I don’t think I’d ever see many of the places that I have,” The Independent reports. “I don’t ever think that I’d see anything; I just wanna stay in the White House and work my ass off, make great deals, right? Who’s gonna leave? I mean, who’s gonna leave?”

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I have to say, Trump is making my arguments with my Republican co-workers so fucking easy these days. They can’t respond to half the stuff I point out.