President Obama (YouTube)
President Obama (YouTube)

President Obama challenged Republicans on Saturday to pass the payroll-tax cut or be vilified by Americans, according to the Daily News.


"If Congress refuses to act, middle-class taxes will go up — it's that simple," said Obama in his weekly address. "Taxes are set to go up on 160 million working Americans. If you're one of them, then you know better than anyone that the last thing you need right now is a tax hike."

The payroll tax-cut extension, which was extended in December for two months, is now approaching another deadline. Obama is looking for a longer extension to help middle-class families. The two-month extension gave middle-class families a $1,000 break.


"Congress needs to stop this middle-class tax hike from happening — period," said the president, who pointed to statistics that show the economy growing while the unemployment rate has fallen.

"No drama. No delay," said Obama, urging listeners to write their elected officials. "And no ideological side issues that have nothing to do with this tax cut. Now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds to our recovery."

The improving economy has emboldened President Obama, and his call to action will most likely be heard by Republicans. Middle-class families continue to struggle in this country, and whether they support or reject Obama's agenda, they will welcome extra money in their paychecks to help their families.

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