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U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson was cited with felony hit-and-run after allegedly causing two car accidents within minutes of each other in Southern California on Saturday evening, CNN reports. The obvious first question is, "Was he driving drunk?" but a preliminary screening indicates that the 68-year-old says no, according to authorities.

Clearly there's much more to be explained about this incident, the investigation of which is still in the preliminary stages. We'll have to wait and see about its outocme, as well as about whether anyone will attempt to spin this top Obama administration official's unfortunate actions into a talking point against the president.

Authorities cited Bryson at an area hospital where he was treated for injuries sustained in the accidents, Lt. Ariel Duran of the San Gabriel Police Department said.

Commerce Department spokeswoman Jennifer Friedman said Bryson was involved involved in an accident, but was uninjured. He has been released from the hospital, she said in a statement.

The accidents occurred Saturday evening, officials said.

Bryson, who was driving a Lexus, rear-ended a Buick that was stopped at a railroad crossing in San Gabriel, police said Sunday in a statement.

"Bryson spoke with the males, then left the scene, hitting the same car again as he left," the statement said.

The men in the Buick followed Bryson while calling 911 to report the accident, it said.

Bryson then drove to the neighboring city of Rosemead. where he hit a second car, according to authorities.

The commerce secretary was found "alone and unconscious behind the wheel of his vehicle," according to the police statement.


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