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News One blogger Dr. Boyce Watkins evaluates Barack Obama's strengths as president, saying that his accomplishments have made it impossible for Republicans to find a viable opponent.

Republicans don’t excite me very much, but it seems that we have to at least acknowledge them. The party has become, in recent years, an even worse example of politics gone scary. The right wing opposition to having a Black liberal in the White House has led to some illogical decision-making and an intense desire to cut off noses to spite one’s face. Super Tuesday is an example of this phenomenon and it simply wasn’t pretty.


Super Tuesday was the day that the Republican Party was supposed to celebrate an end to the back-and-forth that has undermined its ability to prepare for the seemingly impossible task of defeating President Barack Obama.

But that just didn’t happen last night.

Although Mitt Romney walked away as the strongest Republican in the field, the fact is that his opponents simply aren’t going anywhere: After winning three states, Rick Santorum, had at least another thousand reasons to stay in the race.

Romney has gone deep into his bankroll to defeat Santorum, outspending him 4 to 1. His well-oiled political machine seems as powerful as the Obama Administration itself, but he only defeated Santorum in Ohio by a measly one percentage point. So although Romney clearly walked away with more delegates than his competitors, he ended up looking like a sports team that spends all the money in the world to barely win half their games.

Read Dr. Boyce Watkins' entire blog entry at News One.

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