Obama: First Guest

President Obama repped quite nicely on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" last night. He caught some flack for doing a TV show, but at least he's not reading from the funny pages, like Franklin Roosevelt often did when he was on the radio. I understand the objections, though.

There was room to crash and burn, but Obama was dignified and off the cuff, except when he compared his bowling skills to something from the Special Olympics, a comment right-wing news will be eating off for weeks to come.


I'm not a big fan of Obama off-script. He's great talking policy in a language everyone can understand, but he seems just a hair away from saying something goofy or inappropriate. He did skillfully turned his appearance into a mini-seminar on the economy and peppered in some personal anecdotes. But we you get in a comfort zone, your talk can go a lilttle barbershop, and that's no good for a sitting president. This isn't the kind of thing I'd like to see him make into a habit. Late night TV is for Gallagher, not the president of the United States..

How do you think he did?

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