Obama and His Big Awkward Mouth


I'm not sure what I feel about Obama and his bowling joke.  Well, his "bowling like he's in Special Olympics" joke.  He's allowed to be make a mistake.  Right?  He's the president; he's not Gandhi or Mandela.  Well, they made a few mistakes, too.  Anyway… as an uncle of a Down's Syndrome albeit mainstreamed nephew, I feel like my internal and external radar for "disability" bashing is on full volume.  So I consider myself extra-sensitive about these issues.  I think if Obama had someone in his family or intimate community who lived with a mental or physical disability he wouldn't be so quick to default into "I'm feeling awkward.  Let me tell a joke.  At the Special Olympics expense."  Well, I guess I do know how I feel:  that joke was foul!

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.


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