GOP leaders smile for now.

Don't look now, but the GOP is pledging to compromise with President Barack Obama during a post-election meeting today. President Obama and Republican leaders in Congress will try to work out their differences, particularly as it relates to taxes. The Associated Press reports, "The American people did not vote for gridlock," Obama said following the session. "They did not vote for unyielding partisanship. They're demanding cooperation and they're demanding progress, and they'll hold all of us, and I mean all of us, accountable." There was no consensus on whether to keep Bush-era tax cuts in place for the middle class and wealthy alike. A group will be appointed to tackle this issue. Some would suggest that federal workers have already been taxed with this two-year freeze. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the GOP is willing to give up. Stay tuned to this Kumbaya moment, which will certainly be fleeting.

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