Obama Adviser: What's Romney 'Hiding'?

David Axelrod (Jeff Schear/Getty Images)
David Axelrod (Jeff Schear/Getty Images)

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently suggested that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had failed to pay taxes for 10 years, according to a source, Romney declared that Reid should reveal that source. Romney also said that he had, indeed, paid "a lot of taxes."


On Fox News Sunday, Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod said, according to the Wall Street Journal, that Romney could end this controversy by simply producing a few bits of paper.

"I don't know who Harry was talking to. The point here … is the Romney campaign and Gov. Romney can resolve this in 10 seconds," Mr. Axelrod said on "Fox News Sunday."

"Why don't they just put to this rest? What is it that he is hiding?" Mr. Axelrod asked. "They ought to release those tax returns and that would put all of this to rest."

Mr. Romney has faced pressure from Democrats — and even some Republicans — to release additional tax returns. He has made public his 2010 return, which shows he paid federal income taxes at a 13.9% rate on $21.6 million in income, and has said he will release his 2011 return once it is completed.

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